Holiday Card Envy

Why am I sending New Year’s cards to usher in 2011?

Here’s my spin: New Year’s cards are for trendsetters. 

Here’s my reality: New Year’s cards are mini miracles for procrastinating Mommys who book their kids’ photo sessions 11 days before Christmas, long after the Hanukkah ship has sailed.

I am currently suffering from severe holiday card envy. My mailbox is stuffed with a never-ending flurry of immaculately dressed children in coordinated outfits striking playful poses every day. They exude holiday cheer in color and in black and white; in the studio or on location.  And they’re all coming in time for loved ones to not only hang them on their refrigerators with pride but also make the mandatory call to the proud Mommy who sent them to gush about her kids’ cuteness.

I, on the other hand, was willing to bribe the photographer I called tonight to squeeze my kids in this weekend. Thankfully, I saved some Christmas cash because he has one half-hour spot open on Saturday. It’s a drive-by photo session for my drive-by New Year’s card–they will probably have to be taken off the refrigerators as soon as they’re put on at this rate.

Why can’t I seem to get it together this year?

If my trendsetter idea doesn’t catch on, I guess I have one New Year’s resolution already: to send our holiday cards in time for the holidays in 2011. Only time will tell if it’s one I can keep.

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