Is Cupid Stupid?

Superbowl Swap Winner: Kathy's Mudd Pie!

It’s D-Day for V-Day. Are you ready for the love fest?

That’s if you even consider Valentine’s Day a holiday. The day for lovers has an awful lot of haters. Some call it a Hallmark holiday, designed to guilt us into spending money on heart jewelry, seductive lingerie, decadent chocolates, prix fixe restaurant menus, and flowers that must suddenly grow gold stems because they’re so damn expensive. They’re even more ticked off this year by the V-Day Double Whammy–it requires a Saturday night celebration and an acknowledgement on Monday. Haters.

Others spend hours looking for the perfect card to express their love. They plan elaborate home-cooked meals, buy red hot outfits, make reservations months in advance, book overnight hotel stays, agonize over the perfect gift, dust off their arts and crafts skills to create their own love coupons, and announce their V-Day intentions on Facebook to generate some buzz. They giddily anticipate their spouse’s response to their tireless efforts with butterflies in their stomachs and champagne glasses in their hands. Lovers.

Are you a lover or a hater?

I am a…lover. Most of the days of my life are a hot mess of drool, teen drama, meal preparation, confrontation, laundry, work, dishes, bottles, Justin Bieber, quickies, tears, 5:00 a.m. wake-up calls, and dieting. Valentine’s Day is all about S’s…hiring a sitter, savoring your spouse, splurging on each other, and indulging in sweets. What’s not to like about that? Even if you’re single, or wish you were single, you can still eat sweets sans MommyGuilt. It is a holiday!

Haters, if I haven’t convinced you to give Valentine’s a little love this year, the winner of Mommy Dish’s Superbowl Swap will. Kudos to Kathy Sullivan for her simply sinful Mudd Pie recipe. It’s easy to prepare, so you have time to concentrate on the aforementioned S’s. Serve it up in the obligatory heart-shaped dish and this cool dessert will get a hot response. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Alex helping me smash the Oreos for Mudd Pie. I believe in getting kids involved in cooking early!

Kathy’s Mudd Pie


22-25 Oreos, smashed thoroughly 
3 tablespoons butter, melted
Coffee ice cream (1 large container)
Hot fudge (one jar)
Kathy’s Method:

“Crush the heck out of the Oreos.  I put them in large Ziplock and pound them; it’s much easier than any other way.  Put them in a bowl and add melted butter. Stir together. Pour into glass pie dish (Mommy Dish tip–take the time to find a heart-shaped one for Valentine’s Day!) and use your hands to press into a crust.  Spread the ice cream over the crust evenly.  Top with a layer of hot fudge and freeze until you’re ready to devour.  Enjoy!” (Mommy Dish tip–add an extra layer of crumbled Oreos on the top and anything goes!).

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