Clothing Optional?

I may wind up being a Mommy who averts her eyes and puts on her best fake smile while visiting her son at a nudist colony when he gets older. Is my little dude the only one who prefers his birthday suit?

I am fortunate to have a son who is inherently happy. He’s always flashing a dazzling smile (with two new bottom teeth!) that shows off his dimples, and he easily breaks out into an infectious belly laugh. He has the sweetest disposition–except when it comes to getting dressed. Sometimes I feel like I’d have better luck wrestling a wild animal than clothing my baby.

Sure, some of the issue is him showing off his new skills. He is thisclose to crawling, so he is constantly flipping over on to his stomach and pushing up on all fours to rock back and forth. The fact that the changing table is so high and so small only adds excitement to his acrobatics. Maybe he’ll be a nude trapeze artist in Vegas when he grows up?

I am not safe anywhere. One minute I'll be shopping, and the next my Mommy will interrupt my spree for a diaper change. It is so annoying.

My son’s affinity for nakedness makes 8-10 diaper changes and several wardrobe replacements eat up much more of my day than they should. When I am pressed for time, and have to get something tasty on the table for dinner for the rest of my family, I make Two Minute Chicken. Two ingredients, two minute preparation, two hour marinade (if you can swing it; otherwise, marinading for two minutes is sufficient). Add two quick sides–baked beans and salad–and I am good to go…back to the changing table.

Two Minute Chicken is almost too easy!

Two-Minute Chicken


One package of boneless chicken breasts

One package of Lipton Onion Soup

One bottle of Catalina salad dressing


Mix onion soup with Catalina salad dressing, and pour over chicken breasts. Marinade for two hours if possible. Transfer into a pan and bake at 350 for a half hour or so (depending on the thickness of the chicken breasts). That’s it!

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