An Open Letter to my Pregnant BFF, Part Two

How cute is my pregnant BFF?!

Your April Fools Day due date is pretty much tomorrow. No joke. If your baby girl is like you, she’s giggling in anticipation of making her big debut, and she’s going to ensure it’s unforgettable. I, for one, hope she’s like you.

Before my son’s future wife graces us with her presence, I want to share some thoughts on the final stages of pregnancy. Waiting for her arrival is no laughing matter (except you might be more clumsy now that you’re in full Humpty Dumpty mode); it tests your patience, endurance, and strength. But the time passes more quickly when you’ve got a friend. And I have always been, and will always be, your friend.

Here’s what helped me through, my friend:

– You think you’re big now, but you’re going to get even bigger. Give in to feeling like a beeping mack truck and back up on the scale during your weekly doctor visits. There’s no need to know your final digits pre-delivery.

– Sleeping is scarce…for both you and your husband…from this point on. Your feet will throb, your hands will tingle, your back will ache, and it will take a Herculean effort to roll over. You’ll never really get comfortable enough to sleep soundly. It’s nature’s way of prepping you for life with a newborn.

– Give yourself extra time to do everything.

– Don’t even think of talking on your cell phone while trying to climb even a few stairs (you’ll be so out of breath the person you’re speaking with may dial 9-1-1).

-Spend some time in your beautiful nursery daydreaming about your daughter-to-be. I spent countless hours in Alex’s room with my feet up in his rocking chair visualizing his entry into the world, what he would look like, and how it would feel to hold him for the first time. I smile even now when I think about the sweet moments spent in his room in the weeks before his arrival.

– Create a birth plan if you want to, but go in there knowing you cannot plan a birth. You have to deal with what you’re dealt.

– Stay calm. Stay focused. Stay centered.

– Satisfy your cravings. You only have a few more weeks to blame the baby for midnight munchies.

– You’ll have a few false alarms. Call a Mommy Maven (a trusted friend who has already given birth) if you’re unsure if you’re in labor. Chances are, you’re not going to have to be rushed to the hospital in a cab with your baby half out in the backseat like they do in the movies. You have time.

-Pack two bags for the hospital…one for you and one for your daughter-to-be. Both deserve special thought and consideration.

– Anticipate your needs post-delivery. I am sure you checked your baby’s essentials list more than twice to ensure she’s covered, but don’t forget about yourself (you have plenty of time to do that once she’s born!). Prepare some meals and freeze them, get your house cleaned, and accept offers of help. Take care of you.

– Cherish the time you have left with your husband. A couple is much different than a threesome! Your relationship is about to change forever.

– Trust your body. It knows what it’s doing. It’s gotten you this far, and it’s about to deliver a miracle.

Mommy Dish note: Here’s the link to the original “An Open Letter to my Pregnant BFF” for your reference:

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