Baby Bieber Fever

Justin Bieber, pre- and post-haircut

I am already grappling with Bieber backlash at the thought of taking my baby boy in for his first haircut. I get that Justin Bieber’s recent buzz-cut made him lose a gazillion Twitter followers as teenage girls simultaneously burst into tears, but do I really need to protect my son’s signature style at 10-months-old?

I had no idea Alex would be born with teen hearthrob hair. The old wives’ tale that associates Mommy heartburn with baby hair did not apply during my pregnancy. I had so little indigestion I thought I’d give birth to an adorable little cue ball but, boy, oh boy, was I wrong. He came out with a full head of hair that never fell out.

Baby Bieber

Baio had it goin' on a few decades ago!

Now, my son’s luscious locks fall into place in a natural side part that feathers back on the sides as beautifully as Scott Baio’s once did. His chic coif attracts attention wherever we go (“What an incredible head of hair!” “Your son has a gorgeous mane that should never be cut!” “I have never seen a baby with such a natural style.”) I could go on and on, and I am not exaggerating one bit.

That's one hell of a feather for a 10-month-old!

I’ll admit his hair looks picture perfect…most of the time. But it’s becoming hellish for his Mommy to style it into submission. Sometimes my son crashes in his crib right after I give him a bath, and wakes up with bed head way worse than mine. Other times it sticks out on the sides no matter how much I keep combing it back to its rightful feather position. I mean, it’s time to tame his tresses!

But every time I bring it up I get resistance from family (Mother-in-Law: “Please don’t cut his hair! It’s just starting to curl up in the back, and it’s soooooooo adorable!”) and friends (“Ask a Mommy with a bald baby if you should cut his hair, and then make your decision.”). To date, I have one person in my corner, and what seems like a crowd of concert-goers firmly against it. What do you think? Should I schedule a trim, or give it some more time? When did you take your baby in for his first haircut?

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