Cinco De Mayhem

Is it just me, or do Daddies have a unique way of doing everything Mommies wouldn’t do–during the time it takes for an environmentally-friendly seven-minute shower?

This morning I found my son standing on our bedroom dresser, stark naked, laughing hysterically at his reflection in the mirror. I almost dropped my towel in shock (I tend to have a firmer grip on it post-pregnancy). If he fell forward, he’d clunk his head on glass; if he fell backward, he’d hopefully fall into my husband’s arms instead of the unforgiving wood. Not the safest game, wouldn’t you agree?

I stifled my inner worry wart and chuckled right along with my hubby until it was clear Alex was ready for the next act of entertainment. He was diapered, clothed, and moved safely to a carpeted area of our home before I decided to finish getting ready. I have a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it way of pampering myself after a rare morning shower–drying my hair to a point that it is still damp, but acceptable for scurrying to Gymboree, followed by a two-minute makeup routine. I try to not look like an overworked, overburdened, and overtired Mommy, even though I feel like one every single day of my life.

Refreshed, dressed, and ready, I went to get my little man so my husband could go to work. This time, I found Alex drinking sugary CranApple Juice out of a glass (he usually gets organic sugar-free juice in a sippy cup once a day), with half-eaten, empty-calorie crackers strewn all around him. I stumbled on quite the Cinco De Mayo fiesta…if only tortilla chips were substituted for the crackers. Next time, Daddy, next time.

I know I am so fortunate to have a husband who makes a point of parenting in his own special way (nothing is cuter than witnessing him say, “I am going to get you!” to my son who immediately laughs and takes off). He is truly a wonderful Daddy; he adores my kids, and my kids adore him. But sometimes I wish he’d get a little of that Mommy control freak blood running through his veins. You know, the kind that reads baby books, frequents baby boards, and consults baby doctors if there’s any question whatsoever. Just a little bit of that would be great. Are you with me on this one?

At least our party house is fitting for Cinco De Mayo–a day to celebrate Mexican heritage and pride (and a good excuse for me to eat delicious Mexican food). In honor of my never-ending diet, I made Texas Caviar…a healthy dish that’s nothing short of a fiesta in your mouth. Olé!

Texas Caviar


1/4 red onion, chopped
1/2 green bell pepper, plus 1/2 red pepper, chopped
1/4 bunch green onions, chopped
1/2-1 jalapeno pepper, de-seeded and chopped (adjust according to your preferred heat level–I use a whole pepper)

1/2 cup cooked corn
4 cloves garlic, chopped
1/4 (8 ounce) bottle Zesty Italian dressing OR Red Wine and Olive Oil dressing–your choice (I mix the two together!)
1/2 can black beans, drained well (Mommy Dish note: you can add all of the beans if you want to up the protein–it will just dilute the spice a bit)
1/2 can chick peas, drained well
1/4 teaspoon ground coriander
1/4 bunch chopped fresh cilantro
Dash of cumin 
Hot sauce, if desired


Mix all ingredients together, pour dressing over it, and mix again. Marinade for several hours or overnight. Mommy Dish note–cherry tomatoes, salsa, or lemon juice are all delectable additions to this dish. It’s a fiesta–basically anything goes, and it will be good!

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8 Responses to Cinco De Mayhem

  1. Leigh says:

    My husband is exatly the same way. I have to bit my tongue all the time bc I know I shouldn’t always tell him what to do when it comes to my daughter. SOmetimes I can’t help it though!

    • Mommy Dish says:

      Haha good to know I am not alone!! Some of my friends complain about the same thing, too. Amazing husband/father, but doesn’t always do things the way Moms would (I guess that’s why kids have two parents).

  2. kelly cushing says:

    I’m with you on this one! Have to laugh because just last night Brady was getting crazy excited over Dad as I’m trying to do our night time routine and quiet him down! NOT HELPFUL! But you gotta laugh and it’s all a good balance from all the “mommy” stuff we do! Hope you had a great fiesta! Cheers!

    • Mommy Dish says:

      I have the same issue…have Alex in nightime mode and then all hell breaks loose when Daddy gets home! It is endearing…and I agree, they’re lucky to have wonderful Daddies who love them (even if they do it differently than we do!). : )

  3. Jayme says:

    Everything in moderation, right?

  4. Cheryl M. says:

    Daddys definitely parent differently than mammas do…mine has a tendency to leave all the non-fun stuff to me (getting kids to clean up, etc.), except when one gets sick or gets a boo-boo. Then he turns into uber-freak-out dad! He doesn’t realize that his face and voice change so dramatically that something that could be handled with a quick check, a kiss and a band-aid or possibly some tummy or cough medicine ends up being a traumatic 45 minutes for all of us. He definitely doesn’t understand no too much activity before bedtime – he thinks its great when he “flies” (read throws) our five year old into bed and proceeds to tickle him for 30 minutes, and he is the absolute KING when it comes to remembering ridiculous things we did as kids in the 70s and trying to set up an equivalent for our five-year-old…I darn near faint every time I catch him in the act of one of these “projects”.

    • Mommy Dish says:

      I am right there with you!. I, too, am the enforcer and do all of the non-fun stuff. And my hubby ruins my bedtime vibe nearly nightly, too. Is it in their genes or what?

      45-minute ordeals over boo-boos are a no-no, Daddy. I am interested in his 70s antics though.

      Hang in there, Mommy. Happy Mother’s Day!

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