Pressure Purchases

While I am generally a master multitasker, I can be a procrastinator extraordinaire when it comes to certain things. First on my list of delay tactics? Pressure purchases.

I need a dress. Not just any dress…a Mother-of -the-Bat-Mitzvah-girl dress. And I need it to somehow flatter my new silhouette, which features c-section pudge that won’t budge despite my superficial struggle with diet and exercise. I have procrastinated myself into a position where I have to buy off the rack, and I have less than one month until Ashley’s Bat Mitzvah.

Stupid, stupid me.

I carved a couple hours out of my kid-packed schedule to make a first attempt at finding the perfect dress last night. No love for Mama at the bridal shoppe where we located Ashley’s dream dress, or another one I stumbled on en-route to the mall. I failed miserably at a trifecta of upscale department stores, sweating under the hot fluorescent dressing room lights while wiggling in and out of unflattering frocks. I am starting to panic about this pressure purchase, to be honest.

Sunglasses are not a pressure purchase. I can rock them pre- and post-pregnancy.

I managed to find a pretty safety dress at the sixth store I visited, but it goes against the grain. It’s a subtle gold (a color I have never worn–but it’s Mother-of-the-Bat-Mitzvah-girl friendly), and looks okay on a body I am not used to. I didn’t get that giddy “I found the dress” feeling, so I somehow wound up at the Chanel sunglasses counter buying a new pair of hot shades that gave me that jolt of happiness. Delay tactics. I pulled the old bait and switch on myself.

Mommies, do you have any advice for making my pressure purchase post-pregnancy? I am eating a healthy homemade yogurt parfait this morning to give me a jump-start on another go-round of dress shopping, but I need more help than that, please.

Yogurt Parfait




Fat-free vanilla yogurt

Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal (a much healthier option in lieu of granola–it’s low-fat with 9 grams of protein per serving)

Layer yogurt, Kashi cereal, strawberries, and blueberries, and repeat. Enjoy a healthy start to your day!

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