Date Night Detox

Having fun on one of our date nights!

I never thought it would happen, but my husband and I have become one of those couples. You know, the ones who rarely go out for date nights? Yeah, we realized that over wine (affectionately known as Mommyjuice in my world) and dinner last night–during our two precious kid-free hours to do what adults do best unsupervised.

That’s not to say the spark is gone–not by a long shot! But we’ve quietly adapted to the new romantic normal, which includes sweet compliments sprinkled in morning coffee conversation, seductive texts while we’re apart, and hubby bringing home a nice bottle of Mommyjuice after he drops our teenager off at the mall and I put the baby to sleep on Saturday nights.

Cuddle and bubble!

How bad is it? The last time we actually got dressed up for a date night was on March 12 (he took me away to celebrate my birthday and we stayed in a suite that had a jacuzzi big enough for a football team). It’s been more than two months!

Our threesome--before our family was completed by the birth of our precious Alex James.

Sure, we had an unconventional start to our relationship–we began as a threesome, not a twosome. We have never had the freedom to be completely couple-centric. Babysitters, colds, and kid plans always threatened our date nights, but we usually managed to get out 3 or 4 times per month. And I bought new outfits, curled my hair ’40s pinup style, and made reservations at the best restaurants on those unforgettable nights. He would pour me a glass of chilled champagne before we left the house (I am a sucker for bubbly), we would hold hands during a half-hour drive into the city, and languish over drinks and dinner. I miss those nights. Truly, madly, deeply.

How often do you get out with your husband or significant other? Are you on a reluctant date night detox, too?

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