Just Haven’t Met You Yet

My husband is taking me to see my boyfriend on Friday, and it’s technically his weekend. How lucky am I?

I’ve dropped more than a few (ahem, 9 million) hints I want to see Michael Bublé live. Poor guy probably thinks if he didn’t get me tickets I’d force him to listen to his CD on automatic replay as punishment. There’s just something about that Canadian crooner that makes me swoon, and his voice has the power to stop my son mid-freakout, too. He must soothe Alex because I was nothing short of Bublé’s b*tch while he was in the womb.

When I was overly emotional due to a combination of pregnancy hormones and an unrelenting sugar high, Michael Bublé’s song “Haven’t Met You Yet” was in heavy rotation. Yes, he wrote it for his hot girlfriend, who is now his wife (I can share, I guess–I’ll take my husband’s lead), but the lyrics made me think of my growing baby boy.

I might have to wait,    ***Mommy Dish note: Remember, I got pregnant at age 37!!***
I’ll never give up.
I guess it’s half timing,
And the other half’s luck.
Wherever you are.
Whenever it’s right.
You’ll come out of nowhere and into my life.

And I know that we can be so amazing.
And, baby, your love is gonna change me.
And now I can see every possibility.

And you’ll make me work so we can work to work it out.
And I promise you, kid, I’ll give so much more than I get.
I just haven’t met you yet.

Every single time I heard that song I required complete and utter silence, fanned my face with exaggeration, and burst into tears before it was half over. I am sure the sight of me blubbering away with my burgeoning belly bouncing up and down was so annoying, but I had a pregnant pass and I chose to use it. Over and over and over. Now, my Bublé binges are just plain annoying to most everyone…except for Alex.

The fact that my husband bought tickets is proof–on par with his wedding band–that he’s completely smitten. Sure, he knows his music gets me in the mood, but it’s still pretty selfless to share his babe with Bublé on his weekend. And he will get a sweet guilty treat tonight in recognition of his sacrifice.

Alex enjoyed making Daddy a special dessert.

Father’s Day delight features a nutty homemade crust smothered with a host of cool ingredients perfect for my pre-Bublé guiltfest (pudding, whipped topping…you get the idea). It’s so good…and so easy to personalize. Much to Alex’s delight, I dipped his hand into the top layer to capture his handprint and accentuated it with Snickers shavings (leftover from the candy bar featured at Ashley’s Bat Mitzvah). I know Daddy will love it…almost as much as I am going to love my double-date on Friday night.

Close-up of Alex's handprint.

Father’s Day Delight


2 sticks of butter

2 cups flour

2 cups walnuts or pecans (I prefer walnuts)

Melt butter, mix in flour and nuts, and press into a 9 x 11 glass pan to form a crust. Bake in a 350 oven for 30 minutes. Let it cool.

1st Layer (mix all ingredients together):

8 oz cream cheese, softened

8 oz Cool Whip

1 cup powdered sugar

2nd Layer (beat together until pudding consistency forms):

1 package instant vanilla pudding

1 package instant chocolate pudding

3 cups milk


One layer of Cool Whip and sprinkle with chocolate or Snickers shavings (remember a handprint for Father’s Day!).

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