Weather Whiners

Why do so many people in New England b*itch about the weather? Is there something in the 12 glasses of water we’re supposed to drink on a wicked hot day?

My car read 107 degrees when I left Gymboree today. Yeah, that's pretty freaking hot.

Yes, it’s a scorcher. A natural sauna, if you will. One hundred degree days smack you in the face when you step outside…but they don’t make you fall on your face. Remember the hell winter we endured? Personally, I’d rather be a little sweaty than slipping and shivering (if I could literally freeze my butt off, I’d reconsider my stance, but I digress).

Today is likely one for the record books, and the unrelenting heat can make sleeping uncomfortable. Boo hoo. I know I’ll drift off to dreamland just fine because there’s definitely no snow day tomorrow. I don’t miss being snowed in with an infant who’s bored to tears and a teenager in Facebook withdrawal because the power’s out. By the eighth snow day I was a complete insomniac wondering what in-home entertainment I could possibly offer to two crazy cooped up kids. I’ll have no problem cranking the A/C, kicking off my sheets, and hitting my warm pillow tonight.

Winter flashback. Alex enjoyed the snow, but definitely prefers beaching it!

There’s nothing like a heatwave when you compare it to a blizzard. Swimsuits vs. snowsuits? Beach days vs. school delays? Healthy glow vs. peed on snow?

Case closed.

Since we’re all sweating out a few extra calories–another bonus of a summer heatwave–I’m making one of Chef Julie’s no-bake desserts (even I will admit it’s not the best night to turn the oven on if you can help it). Nothing like a cool treat to beat the heat, whether you’re a weather whiner or not.

***Pregnant women, the elderly, people without A/C, and pets with fur coats are entitled to complain about the hot weather. Everyone else…please stop whining. : )***

A perfect dessert if you're feeling hot, hot, hot.

Summer Trifle


1 pound cake, store bought

1 container strawberries

1 container blueberries

1 container Cool Whip


Alternate the pound cake, cool whip, and berries in layers. Use pound cake, not sponge cake. You can use light cool whip or sugar-free to shave some calories off the dessert and it will still turn out delicious. Also feel free to use your berries of choice berries (raspberries, blackberries, etc.). Have fun with the top layer, and make it pretty. This is a great dessert to make with your kids.

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