Baby Hurts, Mommy Hurts

Anything but rice again, Mommy!

Is there anything worse than seeing your child in pain?

I would sacrifice all that I hold dear–including the one pair of designer jeans that make my butt look more Kim K. than PTA–to spare Alex one minute of discomfort. Still, my little man is hurting, and his pain radiates right through me.

How did a single ear infection–his first one!–turn into a double during two rounds of antibiotics? Will he (we) ever sleep again?

As if aching ears, sleepless nights, and skipped naps weren’t enough (Mommy is hanging by a very thin thread), the new antibiotic gave him the runs. My son is crapping like he just caved into a craving for Taco Bell; even he seems surprised by the strength when he looks at me with his signature I-am-pooping-right-now grimace. My clothing, quarterly manicure, and sense of smell have already fallen victim to the daily diarrhea.

Regardless, I really feel so bad for my little sweetheart. He is now subjected to a dairy-free diet of carbs sprinkled with probiotics, bananas, and Pedia Lyte in the name of constipation without dehydration. No Gymboree, no organized stroller walk with his friends, no play-dates. Even his sweet baby smell is overpowered by the stench of infection. He manages to smile, laugh, and play through the pain (he already shows such character for a 15-month-old), but I know him like no one else, and he is so sick of being sick.

I am doing everything I can to help him, but I feel so helpless. Every time Alex tugs at his ears it tugs on my heart. How do you deal when your baby is in pain?

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