U Can’t Touch This: Best Mother-Son Wedding Dance Ever

This video was orginally uploaded to YouTube last April. Now it's getting the attention it deserves!

Most mother-son dances at weddings are pretty forgettable. They awkwardly dance to a slow song–“Unforgettable” is always popular–
while guests pick at their dinners until it’s time to applause. It’s usually a long three or four minutes.

That’s what makes Kathy Bunker and her son Blake’s dance so incredible. They started out slow, twirling and gliding better than most mother-son duos. But then the song comes to a screaching halt. They throw their hands in the air in disgust that their moment in the spotlight is ruined. Little did guests know it was HammerTime Kathy Blake Time.

The Jackson 5’s “ABC” starts to play, and they get in the groove, perfectly in-sync and choreographed. They copy vintage MC Hammer moves with hilarity and bring it current with attitude to “Party Rock.” I smiled throughout their whole dance. I kidnapped my teenager and told her she had to give me four minutes of her life to watch. I showed my husband, too.

I played it the third time for my son. I cuddled up next to him as he sat, half-interested, through the slow dance. When the beat began, he started to shake what his mama gave him and it quickly became a full-out dance party. Yes, we are snowed in. That may have something to do with us jumping around the living room, but I don’t think so.

I feel so close to Alex. I hope to dance like that at his wedding. Blake is clearly not embarrassed by his mom. He chose to practice with her for hours to give their guests a show. They have such fun together and look at each other with adoration. What more could a mother ask for?

Please, Alex, always remember your mom is cool. And I will always love to dance with you.

Watch the video here:

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