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The 6 Injustices of Thyroid Cancer

Imagine if your best friend — the one who deserves a one hell of a co-pay for the psych-worthy advice she doles out on a daily basis (with love and/or or a swift kick in the butt, as needed) suddenly couldn’t speak.

My lifeline, Jill Gurfinkel, had paralyzed vocal cords for what seemed like forever. Not from cheering for her then 7-year-old son at his hockey game or yelling at him to eat his vegetables or even from litigating in Court (I don’t mess around; my chief counsel is a badass lawyer). The only thing that has ever robbed her of her voice was thyroid cancer.
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Cold Cookie Spree

Apparently, being cooped up due to knock-you-on-your-butt cold makes me bake. Hey, it’s better than bitch, right? I can’t be too much of a weather whiner. I was born and raised in Boston (well, a suburb a half-hour from the … Continue reading

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The Big 4 Uh-Oh!

I turned 40 this week. Do not worry, I am okay. I shopped like a real housewife, drank like a fish, swore like a sailor, and giggled like a schoolgirl (in no particular order). And I did it all in … Continue reading

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Potty Mouth

I’ve got poop on the brain. No, not literally (though with Alex’s arm that’s not a stretch)…I am thinking about potty training my son. And then talking myself out of it. And then talking myself back into it. No one … Continue reading

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Leap Day Hangover

Give us one extra day and all hell breaks loose! Snooki, snow, and Davy…oh my! I am nursing a Leap Day hangover, aren’t you? So, here’s the situation: Snooki will be hosting Mommy-and-Me Happy Hour very soon. The pint-sized “reality” … Continue reading

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Super Week, Super Bowl!

Did you know Super Bowl Sunday is second to only Thanksgiving when it comes to competitive eating (sorry if that term gives you the vision of really skinny guys scarfing down hot dogs with water-logged buns–or is that just me)? … Continue reading

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Am I the only Mommy who is a complete and total sucker for her kids? Let’s recap the past 48-hours. Last night, I was bamboozled into hosting a “night-before-the-biggest-day-of-my-teenage-life” sleepover complete with a nervous gigglefest, last-minute wardrobe consult, new episode … Continue reading

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Mommy-and-Me Happy Hour?

“Do you ever get a break?” asked a fellow Mommy at Alex’s Gymboree class today, looking at me with sympathetic eyes as my son, once again, escaped my grasp and made a mad dash for a red ball across the … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Panic

Can you recall that Momicidal feeling watching your husband sleep soundly (or snore loudly) while you lay there, wide awake, in a pregnancy panic?  The endless questions, coupled with multiple urges to pee after midnight, are a form of No … Continue reading

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Secrets of the Mommy Sisterhood

My son is getting his molars and has a temperature. He’s been screaming all day. I almost amputated the tip of my finger in his stroller, smacked myself in the face with my keychain, tripped over the door, and was … Continue reading

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