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When You Lived in My Belly Is Available for Presale; Out 8.6.19

Here’s the press release for When You Lived in My Belly, available for presale now and out August 6, 2019: Popular Parenting Writer Publishes When You Lived in My Belly Mothers of curious youngsters will be delighted to hear of … Continue reading

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When My Son’s Father Died, His Teachers Gave Him Encouragement Only They Could Deliver

My beloved 8-year-old son lost his father 8 months ago. At such a tender, impressionable age, he hand selected the dapper suit and tie he would wear to his dad’s funeral, he delivered an incomparable eulogy that inspired both belly … Continue reading

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I Let Go of My Mom’s Stuff for Mother’s Day

My mother stood in front of her ornate china cabinet, crammed with crystal and glass and silver, and traced her tired, swollen fingers across a weathered bowl. “This is an antique,” she said, her once forceful voice barely audible. “Oh, … Continue reading

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The 51 Steps a Mom Must Take to Attend a Holiday Cookie Swap

Tis the season for holiday parties! It’s time to unearth those Pinterest-worthy recipes and actually make them for friends who are no longer counting calories. It’s time to slip out of dog-hair-covered-leggings and in to a festive frock. It’s time … Continue reading

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Five Years of Missing Mom

Five years ago today, I lost the person I was closest to for the first 40 years of my life. My beloved mom died after a relentless fight with ovarian cancer–a cruel, horrific, insidious disease that leaves only heartbreak in … Continue reading

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Patriots-Worthy Peanut Butter Cups

Full disclaimer: I am an opinionated, loud mouthed, annoyingly irritating Patriots fan. Born and bred in Boston, living a scant 15 minutes from Gillette Stadium, it’s just in my genetic makeup. I love the Patriots. I got into some Facebook … Continue reading

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Dear Jodi?

I just got a perplexing letter from a reader. I nearly fell off my chair. Who am I kidding? I hit the ground hard–with a big fat thud courtesy of my lingering post-preggo poundage. (Sidebar: cheers to Christina Applegate, who … Continue reading

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Google: Friend or Foe?

Freaking Google. It’s a frenemy to us Mommies, don’t you think? I have been MIA on Mommy Dish for awhile (not like me–I am sorry I suck right now). But, no worries, I can give you a recap on my … Continue reading

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Eeeeeek! EEE!

There are 50 cities and 301 towns in Massachusetts. Six are grappling with an outbreak of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE )-infected mosquitoes, and one is at the epicenter of it all. By now, you must know I attract drama. I … Continue reading

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It’s Just Another Mango Monday

Yes, you should be humming The Bangles’ Manic Monday based on the title of this post alone. It’s Monday morning, and I am not that clever yet, so I have to offer up some background music as a distraction. You … Continue reading

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