No More Excuses

Baby Bieber got a big boy haircut today!

 Big day today. One, Baby Bieber has officially left the building. And, two, his Mommy officially joined a gym to lose the remains of her post-baby booty. No more excuses!

My son happily got his first haircut at a kid-friendly place right next to a fancy fitness club I have been mentally stalking for months. The club is like an inviting bed and breakfast for a Mommy who doubles as a gym rat wannabe. Lemon or citrus infused water and fresh fruit are yours for the taking. Cardiovascular equipment features built-in surveillance screens so you can keep an eye on your baby in the immaculately kept kids’ playroom (and you’re given a parent pager, too!). All of the calorie-busting classes–Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Booty Boot Camp, Ballet–are in heavy rotation, the women’s locker room has aromatherapy saunas to decompress, and the there’s a spa for post-workout indulgence that won’t ruin your diet. It’s heavenly–for a gym, of course.

My current fitness plan is failing me. I do three intense rounds of high chair calesthenics–picking up thrown food, sippy cups, and toys–per day. I also perform multiple reps of lugging my 25-pound son and his gear around, several laps of yelling “I am going to get you!” as he crawls up and down my hallway at breakneck speed, and one hour of bouncing him on my lap to music at Storytime each week. In addition, I take him for long walks when it’s not freezing or snowing (Now do you understand why I need to join a club?).

The only excuse I had to not join the fancy fitness club was the high price-tag. But now they have a special so good you expect a used car salesman pop out from behind the front desk to force you to sign the contract. No more excuses. My son is almost one-years-old. It’s high time for him to debut his big boy haircut and for me to debut a less bootylicious booty, don’t you think?

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