Come on, Irene!

Alex and our two carts worth of supplies.

Alright, I am guilty.

Guilty of piling my 2 kids in the car, filling 2 grocery carts, and spending $280 on emergency supplies.

Come on, Irene!

In case you’re living under a rock (which is probably the safest place right about now), Hurricane Irene is about to unleash her fury in my backyard. Torrential downpours, 75-mile-per-hour winds, widespread power outages, and fallen trees are in the dire forecast. Basically, we’re preparing for pure mayhem.

There's no milk at my supermarket!

Got milk? Nope.

Water? Only if you’re quick enough to push your way through the mob fighting for it like playground bullies in a schoolyard. (Thankfully, I’ve still got game).

Batteries? Sure, if you stumble on a special Hurricane Irene display that was just re-stocked. Otherwise, you have to recharge somewhere else.

Candles? Perhaps if you visit a store or two…or three.

It's pandemonium. Pure pandemonium.

It’s crazier here than the craziest uncle you have in your family. Insane is more like it. And the storm hasn’t even hit yet.

If you live in the Northeast, tie everything up (objects, I am talking about outdoor objects), brave the freaks duking it out at the grocery store, and prepare yourself for a true state of emergency. Try to make up with your husband if he’s on your nerves (throwing him out the window during the next 24-hours would really hurt). And cherish the simple comforts of home that will soon be swept away by Insane Irene–power, water, Facebook.

Oh, and stock up on Mommyjuice. You’re going to need it.

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