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I Did It!

This weekend was a memorable one. I did something ballsy. And crazy. And thrilling. Ballsy: I cut the cord. Not in a creepy January Jones type of way, more in a I-can’t-leave-my-beloved-son-for-any-real-length-of-time-unless-I-am-forced-to kind of way. Crazy: I surprised my husband … Continue reading

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Life’s a Beach

I love Grammys. Not the little gold statues awarded to musicians (I am not one of those award show junkies)…the good-as-gold Grammys awarded to overtired parents. Last weekend, we schlepped a pack and play, stroller, umbrella, float, and beach cart … Continue reading

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Just Haven’t Met You Yet

My husband is taking me to see my boyfriend on Friday, and it’s technically his weekend. How lucky am I? I’ve dropped more than a few (ahem, 9 million) hints I want to see Michael Bublé live. Poor guy probably thinks if … Continue reading

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Date Night Detox

I never thought it would happen, but my husband and I have become one of those couples. You know, the ones who rarely go out for date nights? Yeah, we realized that over wine (affectionately known as Mommyjuice in my … Continue reading

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