Life’s a Beach

I love Grammys. Not the little gold statues awarded to musicians (I am not one of those award show junkies)…the good-as-gold Grammys awarded to overtired parents.

This is just a portion of our beach bundle...

Last weekend, we schlepped a pack and play, stroller, umbrella, float, and beach cart full of sunscreen, outfits, bibs, diapers, wipes, toys, snacks, meals, and drinks for an exhausting two-hour stint at the beach. My son had major Daddy separation anxiety and would deliver his piercing Howard Dean/Sam Kinison/80s hair band scream anytime he left his side. Add the gale force winds that kept knocking the umbrella over, a two-mile hike to the water due to ridiculous overcrowding, and a damn pail that sprang a leak just when Alex started enjoying himself at a normal decibel level, and it was bad. Really, really bad.

And then we had to endure a  two-hour drive home in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Fun, fun.

It's a beautiful life!

Today, we walked out of our room and on to the beach, carrying just our keys, books, and iPhones (for baby check-ins). Hands-free, we accepted our freshly laundered beach towels, pointed to where we wanted our umbrella and chairs set up, and laid there–for hours. We swam in the bath warm ocean, took a dip in the infinity pool, and played footsies in the powder soft sand. We indulged in hand-delivered fruity cocktails, took a long stroll under a cloudless sky, splurged on a scrumptious dinner, and watched an unforgettable sunset to the soothing soundtrack of boats rocking in the calm water. It was a picture perfect 24-hour Cape Cod getaway.

Besides my annoying oversized sunglasses tan line (I am, as always, a slave to accessories), I am so content. My house is clean, my baby is sleeping soundly in his crib, and I feel recharged and ready for my 6:00 a.m. (6:30 a.m. if I am lucky) wake-up call. Life’s indeed a beach…when you have Grammys.

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  2. You are so fortunate to have Grammy’s. we dont have that choice. Haven’t been on a hands free beach trip in 10 yrs.

    • Mommy Dish says:

      I know we are so incredibly lucky. We’ve gone on a few overnight trips in the past 14 months (never longer–none of us are ready for that)…all because of a tag-team of Grammys. Hoping you’ll get a much-deserved hands-free beach getaway soon…10 years is a very, very long time.

  3. amomtoo says:

    Beautiful pics! Cape Cod looks amazing. I’ve always wanted to go there.

    • Mommy Dish says:

      It’s incredible…especially when the weather is as idyllic as it has been. My other favorite spot in New England is Ogunquit/Kennebunkport, Maine. Both are definitely worth the trip.

  4. Cheryl M. says:

    Glad you were able to enjoy yourselves! 🙂 Where abouts on Cape Cod did you go? That pic looks amazing!

    Also wanted to mention that if you want to avoid the majority of traffic, Plymouth has some really nice beaches that aren’t too bad on a weekday…and we tend to hit Morton Park (it’s a pond with a small, quiet beach) quite often as it’s not crowded, there are lifeguards, there’s shade for the baby, fairly clean restrooms, lots of other kids to play with, and I’m not afraid of my son getting lost. Oh – and they just opened a new Recreation Area at Hedges Pond that sounds awesome. There’s also Nelson’s Beach that has a beach, playground, concession stand and restrooms, grassy play area, and a sprinkler water park for the kids.

    • Mommy Dish says:

      We went to the SeaCrest in Falmouth…on Old Silver Beach. Beautiful!!

      We love Plymouth, but haven’t been there with the baby yet. Thanks so much for the tip. Morton Park sounds great…especially during the week. : ) I haven’t taken the little guy solo yet, but am planning to soon. Our first trip to the beach with him was AWESOME…he loves the water, the sand, etc. Second one, as described, was tough. I suppose it depends on the day/conditions.

      Thanks again for reading my blog! : )

  5. Kelly says:

    I was exhausted just looking at your beach cart overflowing! Yikes! Glad you got a getaway for yourselves! Looks and sounds like heaven!

  6. Mommy Dish says:

    Thanks. We had THE BEST time….so incredible…and so liberating to carry nothing but a book and a phone. : )

  7. Julie Kates Holbrook says:

    What a difference between going to the beach with kids and going to the beach as a couple. As adorable as Alex is, I am glad you guys got some alone time. In other news, I am not sure I could go back to New England beaches after being spoiled by 80 degree Gulf of Mexico water. I hope you guys can come visit some day.

    • Mommy Dish says:

      Agreed…Alex is adorable, but it is so nice to go to the beach with just my husband sometimes. : ) 80-degree water does sound like something I wouldn’t be able to resist!! : )

  8. Michele Goldman says:

    Grammy’s love beach get aways, as well. However, I’ll take my get away WITH Alex… and we’ll stay home.. play.. laugh.. have fun.. and my favorite.. cuddle at bed time..
    I put him in his crib .clean..dry diaper..binkie in his mouth… dressed in his little summer pjs that said “Nite Time”, zipped up in his little summer sleeper . .. all ready for a good night’s rest when I realized he just wasn’t ready to let go ..not just yet.. I stood at the side of the crib me on the outside him standing up on the inside his big eyes looking up at me as he held tightly to my hands…. Suddenly he just laid his little head on my chest.. just quietly resting his head there.. watching the little star scene that was illuminated on his ceiling, listening to the music softly playing, stroking the sleeve of my blouse.. I breathed in that wonderful smell of freshly bathed baby/toddler..and I relaxed, as well.. It was a peaceful few minutes.. I gently laid him down and he whispered “pretty”.. through his binkie as he pointed to the scene on the ceiling with one hand and held fast to my other hand.. I let him hold my hand and he stroked it and played with my fingers as I smiled at him and told him I loved him.. I could see him just relaxing and getting more sleepy.. As his eyes slowly closed, I slipped my hand out of his (reluctantly).. and let him drift off to dreamland.. I whispered “Sleep tight my little sweetheart.”
    As I turned to leave..I, too, looked up at the star his little toy had projected on the ceiling.. Is it a wishing star?? It is for me.. I wished for a long, happy and healthy life for my grandson..
    Oh yes .. I love those beach getaways.. too!!

  9. Earnest says:

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    • Mommy Dish says:

      Thanks so much for reading. I appreciate it. Please “like” Mommy Dish on Facebook and follow me on Twitter if you’re the social media type. All my best!

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