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Hot Baby Names Are Pretty Cold (If You’re the One Saddled With Them)

I am proud my son is number 46 on the mid-year list of most popular baby names. Technically, he’s not even ranked on Nameberry’s list—his legal name is Alex, not Alexander (which I thought was too stuffy for my offspring … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Kimye

Kimye, it’s 2014. Out with the old and in with the new. No, I am not talking about the customized soft porn Hermès Birkin bag you’re Karrying around that cost more than a year’s worth of my mortgage payments. Or … Continue reading

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Mom Confession: My Toddler Sings “Blurred Lines”

We all have our moments when we question if we are good moms. Perhaps it’s after you hire a babysitter named iPad to steal some time for a shower. Or maybe it’s when you bribe your kid to behave with … Continue reading

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Team Jolie

It’s been 8 years since the Team Aniston and Team Jolie feud—remember when people actually bought t-shirts to show their loyalty? It didn’t make me popular back then (Aniston outsold Jolie 25-to-1), but I have always been a fangelina…not to … Continue reading

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Google: Friend or Foe?

Freaking Google. It’s a frenemy to us Mommies, don’t you think? I have been MIA on Mommy Dish for awhile (not like me–I am sorry I suck right now). But, no worries, I can give you a recap on my … Continue reading

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Adios, Taco Packets!

I am still struggling with my Kate Hudson/Dumbo/Urkel ear, but I wanted to make dinner last night (yes I have a problem resting/being sick/feeling useless–add it to the colossal list of things I am working on). I reached in my … Continue reading

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Bye Bye, Baby

You know something major is happening in my life when I don’t sleep all night, and I break out my cookie cutters at the crack of dawn. Oh, and when I make sure my makeup is prom-perfect before I leave … Continue reading

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Dallas. Love. Honor. Betrayal. And a catchy theme song. Are you hooked yet? I am not a TV addict by any means–I like to watch shows, not just have the thing on. During the summer, I miss my standbys (i.e. … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

What are celebs on when they name their children? Jessica Simpson FINALLY gave birth to her baby girl after 9,000 years of pregnancy (I thought she was going to deliver a freaking teen model to debut her fall line after … Continue reading

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Wacko Celebs’ Guide to Extreme Parenting

So, I got a chance to catch up on People while my highlights were baking under the hair dryer today. Not the issue with William Levy on the cover (I am giving you that piece of eye candy because I … Continue reading

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